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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a MousePro do?

Our MousePros agents specialize in all things Disney®.  We work with our clients to find the best fit for their family's wants, needs, and budget.  Our work doesn't stop once your vacation is booked.  We assist as much or as little is needed to make sure you have the most magical vacation ever!

How much does it cost to use MousePros?

Our services are completely free!  No, there's not a catch and we never charge fees.  We are paid a commission by Disney® for handling your reservation.  Our commission is built into the pricing and you pay the same amount whehter you book with a travel agent or direct.

Can MousePros save me money?

We sure can!  Our agents are well versed with all resort and package options.  We know that each family is unique and we are able to recommend accomodations and options that provide the best value.  We also monitor for promotions that can be applied to your reservation.  Once a new promotion is released we automatically apply it as long as its appliblce to your reservation and of course it's subject to availability.  If we cannot apply the promotion without modifiying your booking we work with you to see if we can make the modifications neccesary (change dates, resort, tickets, etc) so that you can take advantage of the promotion. Disney® does not automaticallly promotions so guests who book direct must monitor themselves for promotions, then call and request that it be applied.  We take that burden off our clients to ensure they have a stres free vacation experience from booking to trip completeion.

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