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Exploring Epcot®'s Future World

We're just a few days away from Epcot®'s official 35th Anniversary! Last week I told you all about why our family loves Epcot® and how we make the most of a day there with our two boys. To continue the celebration, I'm going to share with you my favorite ways to spend a day (or more) in Future World and tell you all about what's coming to this side of Epcot® over the next couple of years.

(Photo Credit: Magical Pix by Candi)

Future World celebrates technology and innovation, the environment, health, imagination, and transportation. Epcot® is Walt's vision for a self-governing, self-sustaining futuristic city that he'd hoped would be a prototype for future cities. You can see this vision in the buildings, rides, and experiences throughout this side of the park. One of the four Walt Disney World® parks icons is in Future World - Spaceship Earth! That's the giant golf ball looking thing that you can walk under and even take a ride in. (Find out how well you know Spaceship Earth by taking this quiz from the official Disney Parks Blog!)

(My family visiting Future World.)


The ride inside Spaceship Earth is a slow-moving, family-friendly ride that takes you through the history of communication, from prehistoric times to what your personalized version of the future might look like. Spaceship Earth is one of my nine-year-old's favorite rides, so it winds up on our FastPass+ list every trip.

(Photo Credit: Magical Pix by Candi)

Future World is also home to two of the most popular thrill rides in Walt Disney World® - Soarin' and Test Track. The hardest part is choosing which one to use your FastPass+ on and which one to run to at Rope Drop. You may need to flip a coin - both of these rides wind up with stand-by lines reaching over 2 hours shortly after the park opens, so time your FastPass+ choice carefully to give yourselves time to get to the other one at RD.

(My kiddo is ready to go on Test Track.)

Soarin' is located in The Land pavilion and is a flight motion simulator with a height requirement of 40" or more. The ride originally opened in 2005 with a film that took passengers on an adventure over California. The film was updated in 2016 and now takes passengers on a trip around the world.

Test Track is currently sponsored by Chevrolet® and like Soarin', requires riders be at least 40" tall. You'll design a virtual concept vehicle and then you'll compete against the virtual concept vehicles of the other riders in your simulation car. Your virtual vehicles will be put through a series of tests, including handling, responsiveness, efficiency, and power. The ride ends with a one-mile high-speed ride around a track before calculating the winning virtual concept vehicle. Winner gets bragging rights!

(My kiddo designing his virtual concept vehicle.)

Another recently updated ride is Mission: SPACE. Guests 40" or taller can go on the Green Mission, which features a family-friendly adventure as you orbit the Earth. Guests 44" or taller can choose the more-intense Orange Mission which uses centrifuge that spins and tilts to simulate the G-forces of a spacecraft launch. Those prone to motion-sickness should heed the warnings and choose the Green Mission.

I'd mentioned in a previous post about my love for the slow-moving, family-friendly ride in The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion that features Nemo, Marlin, Dory and all their friends. There is so much more to see beyond that ride in this pavilion, including the live versions of our movie pals in a 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium, an indoor play area featuring Bruce the shark, and Turtle Talk with Crush. If you have a good question to ask Crush, leave us a comment so other MousePros visitors can use it for inspiration on their next trip!

(Photo Credit: Magical Pix by Candi)

When you're ready to retreat to some air conditioning, check out Innoventions or ImageWorks for hands-on activities that will teach kids about technology, music, energy and more. This is also where the famous Figment lives in the family-friendly The Journey Into Imagination with Figment ride.


While food isn't necessarily the reason you'll spend lots of time in Future World, especially in comparison to the dining on the other side of the park in World Showcase, there are good food options that range from Starbucks to character dining at The Garden Grill in The Land pavilion. Our favorite is Sunshine Seasons, also inside The Land pavilion. This Quick Service restaurant is accepted by some Dining Plans and features numerous options from Asian and pasta to burgers and salads. It's our favorite during breakfast with a great selection of pastries and protein-packed meals that are perfect for starting a long day in the park. It's easy for the whole family to find something to enjoy at Sunshine Seasons!


One of my favorite shopping destinations is Mouse Gear. No matter what you're looking to buy, be it a special shirt, a stuffed Mickey, or designer Disney handbags and jewelry, you can find it at Mouse Gear. Whenever a family member or friend asks for a birthday gift suggestion for our boys, I suggest Disney gift cards so that the boys have some spending cash for our trip. We always walk out of Mouse Gear a few gift cards lighter and a few bags heavier with new treasures.

One spot that straddles the line between dining and shopping is Club Cool. This shop is located in the Innoventions pavilion and sells Coca-Cola® merchandise, frozen drinks, and offers you the chance to try Coca-Cola® from around the world. If you want to play a trick on your kids, or if they've whined just one too many times, have them try Beverly (Coca-Cola® from Italy).

(Photo Credit: Magical Pix by Candi)


Epcot® is one of my favorite places to meet Mickey and Minnie, too. The Epcot Character Spot is generally a short stand-by line, at least in comparison to lines for these characters in other parks, and it can be even shorter if you secure a FastPass+ for it. Mickey and Minnie are joined by Goofy, and across the way, you can stop in to meet Baymax inside Hiro's Workshop and Joy and Sadness at Headquarters.

(My family meeting Mickey Mouse at the Epcot Character Spot.)

One last tip for meeting characters in Epcot® - if you are a Disney® Visa® Cardmember, you can meet surprise Disney® characters during specific times each day. Stop by the location when you're in the park to find out what the hours are for the day and make sure you have your Disney® Visa® card on you when you go. They'll ask to see it and verify that you are a Cardmember.

The Future of Future World

So what's in store for the future of Future World? There were a few really exciting announcements at this summer's D23 Expo and one of them was the announcement of a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, which will replace Ellen's Energy Adventure in Future World. We don't have many details yet but the timeline puts this ride opening in 2021.

(The future site of The Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Photo Credit: Magical Pix by Candi)

Another exciting development is the addition of a new restaurant attached to Mission: SPACE. Again the details are sparse, but concept art features a cool view and the rumor is that this restaurant will be open by 2021.

I am so excited for even more reasons to love Epcot®. If you want to visit Epcot®, reach out to MousePros for a free, no-obligation quote. Our agents can't wait to help you put together your dream Disney® Vacation!

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