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  • Susan Pitzer

It's Small Business Saturday!

Happy Small Business Saturday Everyone! This has been a super busy few days of enjoying family and friends, eating amazing food, reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for and of course shopping for those amazing Christmas gifts! Today, that shopping part is the focus, especially the shopping part where you support those amazing small businesses that provide you that personal service that you just don't find what you are simply a number at a big chain location.

When you support a small business you are not only receiving a service or product, you are supporting a family, a dream, a livelihood for someone. Small businesses take a pride in their product or service that is unmatched with large businesses as they form personal relationships with their customers that last the test of time as the goal is to provide our clients with the service that we ourselves would want, an experience where you know that we have your best interest as our top priority and that we take pride in what we provide our clients and are thankful every single day for their trust that they put in us.

I feel that there is no profession that this is more prevalent than in the travel industry. Travel is so personal and people choose their destinations for so many different reasons, our job is to insure that your trip is the perfect fit for you and one that will provide you memories to last a lifetime. With Disney travel especially, the planning can be overwhelming and families do not want to get it wrong, they want the magic! This is where working with a travel agent, especially a small business agent can be so very rewarding! To know that you have someone there every step of the way with the goal to provide you the most amazing experience for your family for the best price possible. Working with you from the initial stages of planning and booking and taking the journey with your throughout your venture through vacation completion to provide the perfect experience designed especially for you! We as small business owners strive to create magic for our clients and form a lasting relationship with them that far extends your returning from your vacation, you become part of our extended family and we consider ourselves humbled and blessed to be entrusted with your experiences and memories.

So the next time you are considering where to purchase goods or services for your family, take a moment and think about what you would like from your experience, simply a sale or to know that the business you are selecting will consider you not just a sale or a number but a priority and strive to provide you that absolute best experience possible. Remember that it is hard for small businesses to compete with large chains and that we often work 7 days a week to provide for our families and that your sale directly effects us, not just a corporate sales number. But most importantly, remember that we as small business owners do what we do because we love it, it is not just a job to us, it is who we are and we are proud of what we have built and what we give back to our clients and communities.

Please have a very blessed holiday season, enjoy your family and friends, prepare to ring in a New Year and please, support small business today and everyday!

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